What is it?

qgallery is a small commandline program that will process jpeg images and specialy named files in some directory structure to form a static HTML image gallery suitable for publishing to the web, or burning to CD.


For a sample of the output produced by qgallery, you can view a sample gallery. The input files that produced the sample gallery can be viewed here.

For a full list of features and options, the man page for qgallery can be viewed here.


I recently bought a digital camera and went on a trip around America. Upon returning I wanted to find some software to compile a HTML image gallery suitable for burning to CD. I headed for Freshmeat and tried out various offerings. Unfortunately many of the tested software packages were poor, difficult to install, or just plain failed to work.

I therefore decided to write my own software that incorporates all the features that I wanted. I also decicded to write it in C and provide a statically linked, and therefore dependency free, package for others to try and install. I also vowed to attempt to make the software easy to use and install by creating a man page and RPMs.


This software is available under the terms of the GPL, so feel free to download, use and distribute!

There are a number of download options available from the sourceforge files page from where all release files can be downloaded. These options are explained as follows.

Package type Description
RPM files RedHat Package Manager package. The RPMs I have created need at least RPM version 4 (Which comes with RedHat 7.0 and above). Also, the RPM has dependencies on the ImageMagick libraries, which can be obtained from the RedHat 7.1 CD, or the web.
Static RPM files RedHat Package Manager packages in which the binary program has been statically linked against all required code and libraries, and thus does not require ImageMagick to be installed. This does still need RPM versions >=4.0 however.
tar.gz files Gzipped tar file that contains the raw source code and instructions on how to make and install qgallery. This will also requires that the ImageMagick API be installed on the build system (this can be found in the RPM ImageMagick-devel).
bin-static.tar.gz files Gzipped tar file containing a statically linked binary version of qgallery. This, like the static RPM, does not need the ImageMagick libraries to be installed, and can be used by people without RPM, or with unsupported older versions.


There may be some bugs or features that people find. If so, either use the sourceforge bug tracker, or send me an email at Michael.McTernan.2001@cs.bris.ac.uk.

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